Clients don’t want BIM!


Do the building owners/Client really want BIM?

If you ask Ralph Montague – who has done a bit of research on this field – the answer is a big ‘NO’, as he writes about in his LinkedIN blog post in the CITA group (a.k.a. ‘BIM Ireland’).

But as he emphasises the problem is not the big ‘NO’, it’s the question.

As Ralph writes:

“Clients don’t want BIM, but they definitely do want what BIM can help deliver:
• Better Communication & Understanding
• Better Analysis (structure / energy / cost / programme)
• Better Information Workflows (reduced duplication of effort)
• Improved Design Coordination (reduced waste & construction costs)
• Improved Building Performance (reduced operation costs)
• Improved Certainty (reduced Risk)
• Better Information (digital, searchable, accessible) at All Project Stages”

And in the end of his blog post he concludes:

“So Clients DO WANT BIM (they just don’t know it)”

And that might just be the point: If the client says ‘no’ to BIM, then you might have asked him the wrong question. Only by focussing on his needs and values can you help him to see (and gain) the value of BIM.

So we got to learn to ask the questions right – for our clients sake.

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