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Denmark is not the only place in Europe where manufactureres are realising that BIM is beginning to change the way we are doing construction.
In the UK the government has stated that by 2016 all publicly funded buildings must use BIM, so what do you do if one of your main markets are the UK?

You could start by reading the new publication BIM for the terrified – a guide for manufacturers by NBS and the Construction Product Association.

Behind the sarcastic (and humorous) title you’ll find a nice little guide explaining the basics of BIM with the manufacturers as the intended target.

We at 3dbyggeri can only encourage the development of qualified information on BIM available for the manufacturers, but would also like to comment on some central points in the publication:

  • The publication has a lot of focus on the data part of the objects, and less focus on the geometry. Usually this is the key point when making BIM-objects. It is well known that while the designers prefer light weight, low detailed objects, manufacturers usually prefer objects that looks like the real products.
    The key to success is finding the right balance, especially at the current time the the ‘I’ in BIM (information) is in it’s very early stages.
  • NBS (owned by RIBA – the association of architects) is a privately held company, and is in part financed by making BIM-objects for manufacturers. At the same time the develop the standards for the construction industry (which also finances their work). This probably have no influence in their work or guidance, but manufacturers should be aware of this.
  • The standards referred to are only appliant in the UK, so if you wish to make objects usable in other European countries, you have to be aware of this.
  • IFC isn’t a very good format for distributing BIM-objects. IFC is made for exchanging complete building models, not specific products. Very few BIM programs can handle objects in the IFC format in a proper way, so the BIM objects distributed as IFC files are often useless.

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